Random Thoughts

As I sit here, pondering, I am thinking of all the possibilities that a blank sheet of paper offers me. I can take a ride on a hot air balloon and see the world in a new perspective, I can swim the ocean and get caught in a riptide and describe the harrowing details. I can talk about the 18 inches of snow that is still falling or the rhythm of bouncing basketballs, or the sound of a baseball as it slaps hard into the mitt.

Christmas has come and gone, New Years Eve passed in a cacophony of brilliant colors and roaring sounds of fireworks and popping corks. The New Year presents all the same possibilities of the year before, however, there is a ‘tear in the matrix’ – I am going to attempt to keep up a blog! At least once a week, hopefully once a day. Now, some of my blogging will be a story I am writing, and other posts will be like this one, random thoughts.

I haven’t figured how this (blogging) all works yet, it is a journey, one that I hope will be a jumpstart to CONSISTENT writing. I hope you will come back and read my blog, if for no other reason, than my knowing that my stories are not kept to myself.


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