Jack… Out of order… Sorry…

He couldn’t remember the last time he saw her, but she looked fantastic! His breathing hitched as he tried to swallow the instant pull he felt from her. She didn’t even know he was in the room yet; he spotted her, but she did not see him. Wearing a very sleek, low cut black dress that when put on her Mae West curves, made any man who looked her way miss a step.

Putting the drink he was holding on a nearby table, he walked the distance of the reception hall to get a closer look. ‘Yep, it’s her.’ He ran his hand through his dark wavy hair hoping to distract himself a moment before he approach her. “Jack!” She said as she turned and spotted him as he was about to slip in the circle she was standing amongst. The small gathering of people that surrounded her slowly broke away and it became just the two of them within moments of her salutaion.

“Wow, you look fantastic, Libby! You beat me to the punch though, I was heading over here, just waiting for a polite moment to butt in.” he gave a nervous chuckle. Libby smiled at him. She showed her faint dimples as her impish smile still captivated him. “You’re looking pretty darn good yourself.” she replied back to him.’ ….

Jack forced himself to wake up. He sat up and placed his hand on the chilly, unused pillow next to him. He grabbed the pillow and hugged it… “Libby…. I miss you so much!”

next to him

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